Samples Page


Many of these samples are demonstrations from sessions at conferences or articles. Some are working components that you can use in your own projects.

Feel free to email suggestions regarding these components. However, they are offered "as is", and no routine support is available for them.


The floppy archival program mentioned on my blog in this entry. The zip file contains the executable, and all source code for the program. Note that the executable requires .NET Framework 1.1 to run. (Of course, you may recompile the source code in any recent version of Visual Studio, including VS2005, if you wish.)

The Ink Scaling and Hit Testing example (from the Code Magazine article) is here.

Windows Forms Validator Controls, Version 3

Dirty Checker for March 2005.

Composite Shell Example from November 2005

(The composite shell is written in VB2005, and will not work in earlier versions.)

Dynamic UI Generation Session (including dynamic questionnaire code)

Big Arrow and Frame programs for demonstration and training

Advanced Windows Forms Session at various 2002-2003 conferences

Updated example for "Loading Forms on the Fly" (fix for changes in VS2003 - the original 2002 version on MSDN does not work properly under 2003)